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Performance based marketing is the perfect alternative for advertisers frustrated with the expensive and non-guaranteed results of traditional CPM and CPC advertising. The CPA model (Cost Per Action), is the optimal method of buying online advertising because the advertiser defines the Actions they are seeking from a surfer in advance (a sale on the website, a form being filled, a download, etc.) and only pays when that Action occurs. In this model, publishers are encouraged to deliver high quality targeted traffic because they only earn revenue when that Action is generated. Why should I advertise with

•High-Quality Traffic - has one of the strictest affiliate approval processes in the industry, which ensures that your offer will only be promoted by high-quality affiliates. We are also able to provide our advertisers with some of the most premier international traffic from over 100 different countries.

•Compliance & Fraud Protection - With the combined efforts of our entire team, we will ensure that your brand is always marketed ethically and fairly. Our experience assists us to locate and weed out these rogue publishers, again ensuring the highest caliber of traffic quality..

•Dedicated Advertiser Support - Your advertising account executive will assist you through the set-up process, offering guidance and optimization advice while monitoring your offer's performance.

High Quality Traffic - That's What We Focus

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